Mila (formerly Millie)

We adopted Mila almost a year after our beloved cat, Camille, had died. In honor of Camille, we hoped to adopt a senior cat and, after several months and visits to the wonderful SF SPCA, we met 14-year-old Mila. Mila had chronic health/behavioral issues and was advanced in age; we wondered if we could provide her with the care that she deserved. After speaking with the staff, who were patient and thorough, we felt we could. Mila had experienced a lot of changes by leaving her long-term home, entering the shelter, then getting a new home. Mila was affectionate, quirky, and sweet, but it took a while for her to make herself fully at home. She slowly revealed herself with love and time. Since being adopted, she often behaves like a cat half her age; her health is stable and her behavioral issues have resolved. Mila is a bathtub fanatic and loves jumping in and out, then trotting across the room and leaping on top of the bed, where she likes to sing cat opera, purr like a motor boat, kiss your face, dig tunnels under the pillows, and plant herself on your chest. She's curled into a donut shape on my lap as I write this. If you're looking to adopt, please consider an adult or senior to add to your family. We feel so lucky we adopted this beautiful lady and are so excited to spoil her every day of her life.