I had some time between jobs last summer and was babysitting an eight year old, whose favorite thing was visiting the SF SPCA to look at the dogs. I remember it was a Wednesday after school. We walked in and immediately saw in the corner room three, tiny 2-month-old black and white puppies, all with the same coloring. One of them (Dora) was being looked at by another couple. I immediately thought, "When will I ever have time off again to take care of a puppy for the summer?" With that, I signed up to visit. I assumed the couple would adopt Dora, so had my eye on another one of the pups. But after we visited with all three, the kid and I agreed Dora was our favorite. She was shy, but immediately scooted her fat, wiggly body behind our legs and burrowed her face there. Luckily the couple passed on her, and I put a hold on her to mull over the responsibility. Three days later, it was clear this little pup and I were destined for some adventures, and it's been trips to NYC and Lake Tahoe ever since. Dora's grown up to be quite a spunky, quirky, and fierce companion. Thank you, SF SPCA!