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Puppies and kittens are coming to Macy’s windows next week

Last year, more than 750 volunteers helped to find families for 261 cats and dogs. The SF SPCA (in conjunction with Macy's San Francisco) is currently looking for volunteers for this year.
Since 1868, the San Francisco SPAC Has Sheltered Animals in Need While Fostering Human Connections

Animal shelters give people the chance to pick out their own wing-dog (or wing-cat) and join a network of animal lovers. People can become acquainted and help a good cause at the same time by helping out at a local animal shelter.

New California Law Gives ‘Vicious’ Dogs a Second Chance

California will no longer label dogs seized from illegal fighting rings as “vicious,” making safe rescue dogs more likely to get adopted. Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday to give dogs with cruel owners a chance at rehabilitation.